Jack Petchey Nominations & Winners 2022/23
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James and I would like to nominate George sales. 


George is the ref on the inters pitch now getting paid but last season he was the Gladiators linesman all voluntary. George’s commitment is outstanding. He came to help me as a friend and only missed 2 weeks of the whole season and that was due to covid. George is very fair, extremely punctual very polite and a great asset for Sutton little league to have. We feel that recognition is a great way to give our thanks. 

Vicky and James 



This month I would like to nominate Alex Scott.


 This is Alex's second year with the Lions and has been playing with SLL for several years. Alex is a consistent and reliable member of the team. As the team manager I have never have to think is he turning up - he does. He is prepared to play any position asked of him  and on many occasion has changed position  as to offer other players a scoring opportunity. He is fully comfortable and capable of playing any position. His main position is a team player. During the Lions pre-season training he has been an important part of the coaching /team, especially by passing his knowledge of tactics on to the new players in the team and undertaking intensive 1 to 1 training. On the pitch his appearance on the pitch in a clean kit which stands out, he respects any decision the referee makes and he is prepared to play the whole game or sub'd when required. As the manager of the Lions I can proudly say Alex has and is player who gives full commitment to the team to the league and to the game of football itself. And it is for all the reasons I have mentioned I would like to nominate  Alex Scott to be considered for this months award.  



Mick Wood



This month I would like to nominate Jack Howes in the Trojans.


Jack has joined the division this season as a goalkeeper, the toughest position possible, and has performed fantastically. More importantly, his attitude has been superb and he has kept his head up despite being on the receiving end of some heavy defeats. 




Chris Ford

Vikings Manager


I would like to nominate Bobby Cork from Dynamos.


Bobby has been a member of little league for years and is well known with the SLL community as a great kid and hard worker. Bobby has been going through some off field challenges that have taken a toll on him but he has managed to show a huge amount of self reflection and grown up attitude to look past the problems and move forward by coming to me and his mum and asking for help, making him a better person. I appreciate that this is not as football related as I'm sure everyone else's nominations, but to have a child of his age experiencing difficulties in their private life but to actively recognise he needs to help and advice and to work on moving forward in life is huge and should be applauded. It should also serve as advice to each and every child that everyone needs help at some point in their life and opening up and talking about things isn't weak or scary. A HUGE WELL-DONE BOBBY FOR BEING BRAVE 


Michael Corbett

Dynamos Manager


Rangers nomination for the Jack Petchey award is for Sean Frimpong Nkrumah.


He was part of the team last year but this year he has continued to develop as a player and even as a captain taking on extra responsibility. He demonstrates leadership with his application in training and is a real leader for our team. He takes on board what he is being told and tries to continuously improve his game and leadership skills. He is fully committed to the team and travels to each training session by himself regardless of where we are able to hold it which shows what a truely remarkable team player he is and has even turned up after school in his uniform after finishing extra school work activities. 




Colin, Dean and James 



Florin Matei - Saints 


Florin has been a long-standing member of SLL, he is such a pleasure to coach and conveys a great attitude on and off the pitch. He’s had a tough time recently recovering from injury but also an unfortunate dog attack whilst on holiday. It’s hasn’t deterred him at all, gets himself patched up and plays the game in a combative way but with humility and care for opposing players. He is a credit to have in the league and would like to nominate him for the award. 




Saints Manager


My nomination this month is Vishan from Kestrels.


Vish has been with me the past 2 years he’s come through Sutton LL right from the bottom up to Juniors. He struggles with his confidence and  has always been a pleasure to coach both on and off the pitch. Vishan has this year took on our goalkeeper role and with no complaints given 100% every week. He always helps pack away at the end of every training session and always trys to make his team mates laugh when we are at a low. He has stood between the post and given 100% only conceding 6 goals this season doing the job no one wants to do and trys to encourage the team as much as he can. I think with this mentality and attitude makes him a good Jack Petchey nominee.  



Kestrels manager 




I would like to nominate my son Ollie Chadwick.


We (the Rovers) like most others have been down to the bare bones with a threadbare squad and forced to play players out of position , prior to our match vs the Hornets Ollie injured his back and wasn't likely to feature in the match but he not only played through the pain but scored a goal too then in our match on Saturday vs the Hotspurs Ollie injured his ankle early on but again played on only this time out of position at fullback and did superbly , over the years Ollie has had to play all over the pitch including in goal even though he's small for his age. I'm very harsh on Ollie at times but the last couple of weeks he has stepped up and proven himself to be a good captain and team player and I'm immensely proud of him for his attitude and commitment. 


Best regards 

Paul Chadwick 

Rovers coach


We would like to nominate Clayton Chan of the Hornets this month. 


Clayton joined our team as a late replacement for a player we lost. He had never played in a football team before, but quickly established himself as having the best work ethic in our entire squad. Every single training session he will stay behind afterwards and ask us for pointers on how he can improve his game as an individual. He is one of our main contributors both as an active listener and a participant in our tactical briefings before every match and shows a real dedication to understanding what his role in the team is whenever he is on the pitch.  He gives 110% every match and constantly makes us proud. As an example of his commitment, he asked for 20 minutes of coaching after our scheduled training session to learn how to open his body shape up more which would enable him to play on the left side of the pitch better, despite being right footed. 

Despite having a strong season so far the Hornets have been struggling with internal division since what feels like day one and Clayton is one of the few players who always rises above it.  He embodies everything that we are hoping to achieve in terms of team spirit and desire to improve and we think he would be a worthy winner of the award. 

In summary, Clayton is an ever present positive force in the team and has become a key part of the team, being a favourite among all and well appreciated and respected by his peers. His desire to improve has pushed others to achieve the same level and been a true mark of the attitude that any coach would wish to see. 

Ryan Grant and Dan Hill 

Hornets managers


Rangers nomination for the Jack Petchey award is for Patrick Lovelock.


He has damaged his knee ligaments and on crutches. He continues to come down every weekend to support and cheer on his team mates even in the rain. He is fully committed to the team and has really set an example for his team mates to follow. 




Colin, Dean and James



James and I would like to nominate Ryan from the Gladiators. 

Ryan has been at the league from the very 1st rascals pitch right up to the seniors. He’s a very committed hardworking and polite boy. 

He has attended every training session and match for most of his time at Sutton Little League And is a pleasure to have around as he never moans just gets on with it even when asked to play out of position.




I would like to nominate Luka Neilson. 

The Lions as a team have been lucky to have him in the team our team. To see a player who gets stuck in to every game, and does not like being subbed but know its to give all a chance to do their best on the pitch is a credit to him. I'm sure if the was a three hour game he would play. 

Luka always turns up to training  from leading motivating to discussing tactics he brings a positive vibe to each session. As said, Luka gets stuck in from the off. Luka can play any position but his strengths are up front or midfield. As many would know he has a good goal scoring record, he shares that with the team. Yes he has had a yellow card, probably too much passion put into the game, but he fully respects the refs decisions. It's for these few reasons and that he has a passion for the team and the game of football it self 

I would like Luka to be considered for this award.  



Lions Manager


I would like to nominate Max from the Eages for the JP award.

Max has been at SLL for 4 years, never missed a match or training session in that time. Max comes to football with one aim - to score a goal. Even with this being his aim when the Eagles were down a goalie and facing a difficult match, Max stepped up and went in goal and kept a clean sheet. Max has autism and going in goal would mean he was highly unlikely to score a goal, yet he showed what a great team player he is and took on the challenge. But, my main reason for nominating Max, and the Eagles as a team is that on the 29th Oct, after 4 years of trying Max scored his first goal, that’s approx 100 games, each game trying for that goal, and in his dads words ‘its even better that it wasn't just a rebound off the back of his head when he wasn’t looking, he actually aimed and scored’. When Max was in the upfront position any selfishness from the other players was completely forgotten and everyone tried to secure Max his goal. The celebration and support that followed from his fellow team mates, parents and managers was one of the best moments I have experienced in the 7 years I have watched, coached and managed football. That one goal, that to some children is a weekly event, meant the world to Max, his family and the team and had been a long time coming. When his dad posted about it on Facebook the post received over 80 responses from friends and family who all knew what this meant. I am so pleased for Max, and would love SLL to recognise this achievement with a JP award.






JP Winner November 2022