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Season 2022-23

Rascals Pat Dearlove Cup:
Winners: Lancasters
Runners Up: Tornados
Rascals Trophy:
Winners: Hurricanes
Rascals Shield:
Rascals Vase:
Winners: Mustangs
Winners: Jets
Runners Up: Typhoons
Runners Up: Spitfires
Runners Up: Vulcans
Bantams Cup:
Bantams Shield:
Bantams Bowl:
Bantams Plate:
Winners: Dragons
Winners: Wolves
Runners Up: Panthers
Runners Up: Cobras
Winners: Vipers
Winners: Tigers
Winners: Bulldogs
Winners: Sharks
Winter Tournament:
Juniors League 1st Half:
Juniors League 2nd Half:
Juniors Cup:
Winners: Ospreys
Winners: Eagles
Winners: Eagles
Winners: Owls
Runners Up: Owls
Runners Up: Ospreys
Runners Up: Ospreys
Runners Up: Eagles
Juniors League Champions 2022/23: Eagles
Inters League 1st Half:
Winners: Hornets
Inters League 2nd Half:
Winners: Dynamos
Inters Cup:
Winners: Dynamos
Runners Up: Hotspurs
Runners Up: Hornets
Runners Up: Hornets
Inters League Champions 2022/23: Dynamos
Seniors League 1st Half
Winners: Gladiators
Runners Up: Vikings
Seniors League 2nd Half:
Seniors Cup:
Winners: Gladiators
Winners: Vikings
Runners Up: Vikings
Runners Up: Gladiators
Seniors League Champions 2022/23: Gladiators
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