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Jack Petchey Nominations 2016
 Nominations for December:

I'd like to nominate Max Dunning 

Max is in his 3rd year at Sutton Little League and he always gives 100% on match days and also at every training session. He always does as he's asked and is happy to play in any position without complaining about it.
When his team is losing (which has been a lot this season), he's the first to rally round his players to encourage them to keep going. He's also keen to give instructions to his teammates during the game which is why we have awarded him as being captain on several occasions. He's a real credit to his team & plays in the spirit of the Little League way.

Peregrines Manager 

 Nominations for March:

I would like to nominate Luke Stevenson.

Luke is always first to training and first to every game. He is enthusiastic and committed, and just loves to play even though we very rarely get any success. I don't think I've ever heard him complain once - in fact last week at half time he offered to come off so that one of the other boys could get a bit more game time.




This month I’d like to nominate Joe Watkins (Angels) 

Joe came up to the Inters this season and since Sep has grown and grown, not just as a player in his own right, but as an important member of the Angels team. He has the respect and trust of all his team mates and gives 100% in training and on match days. 



I would like to nominate Eddie Semenov of the Rangers this month.


Eddie missed a few games at the start of this season having had back issues we believe. Since his return, his influence on his team has been evident. He instills confidence in his teammates and leads by example.

Eddie is a true competitor, but, in addition, he is a really nice lad who shows a real maturity in the way he listens to his coaches, handles situations on and off the pitch, and in his dealings with boys and adults alike around the Little League.

It is always good to recognise boys from other teams, and we have no hesitation in putting Eddie forward.



Our nomination is for Will King.


Will has been a huge pleasure to have in the team. Over the last two seasons, he has consistently worked hard, whether in defence or mid-field. He is a very unselfish player and is highly respected by the rest of the team. He has a quiet confidence that bolsters the lads and on the very rare times that he is missing from matches, his absence is very noticeable. But moreover, his respect of the other Hotspurs, opponents and officials is second to none. It's a crying shame we can't keep him for another season!!! But whatever team he moves on to will be very lucky to have him.  


Mark & Dave


I would like to vote for Connor Trim (Eagles).


He happened earlier in the season to get badly injured at training and was out for 2 months. 

He never let this faze him, he came down to watch the rest of the team and support them when he could. Even on his crutches. He also came back to training and worked hard on his fitness for a few weeks before even playing. 

This commitment has payed off where he has been enjoying his football and playing matches which he loves. 

He is always hard working, never complains and is very reliable. We have played him in different positions on the field but he has got on with the job in hand and put maximum effort in. He has improved massively over the course of this season. I hope he stays at Sutton Little League as he is a joy to manage and would benefit any team down here.  


Billy (Eagles assistant) 

This month I am nominating Robert.


He has other sporting commitments so cannot always be at training or at matches but every time he is available he gives his all, is incredibly polite and great lad to have around the team.





 Nominations for February:

Chet Anjan, Vikings (Seniors)

We took over managing the Vikings this year alongside managing Lions. The boys had had a difficult previous season, but we very pleased that most of those eligible stayed on with us. Chet is one of those boys. His confidence has grown this season and he has played in several different positions for us. Regardless of where we ask him to play, he doesn’t moan and always gives his all. As a result he has now captained the team several times. He would be a deserved winner of the Jack Petchey Award.


Paul Kelly

Assistant manager Lions

I’d like to nominate Ryan Chambers for this months Jack Petchey award. 


Ryan, who is there every week, has never missed a match or training and is completely hard working and dedicated to the team,  he is a lovely boy,  good character and very polite. 



SLL League Secretary


Nomination for Sam De Ritter (Hotspurs' youth coach).


Sam played for Hotspurs last season, and was an important and popular member of the squad. Despite being unable to play this year, Sam declared a genuine interest in helping his old team as a youth coach.

To that end, ever since the summer when we began training, Sam has shown a wonderful level of commitment to the boys by getting himself to training each week, and taking an active part in the running of the sessions.

The boys have really enjoyed having Sam around, as have the management team. He is a great example to the boys and a more than worthy nominee. We therefore put on record our gratitude to Sam, and hope that his example is followed by other boys in future seasons. He would be a more than worthy winner of the award.


Nick, Mark & Dave

This month I am nominating Harvey Gould.

He is ever present, always listens and always gives his best. He can be relied upon and is a credit to the team.



I would like to nominate Luke Stevenson from the Gladiators. 

Luke is our most improved player. Through dedication and hard work in training Luke has transformed himself over the past few months into a key player for us at right back. Luke is always committed and focused, and works hard for the team.



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