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Respect Programme 

Sutton Little League Football fully supports the FA Respect Programme.


Respect is The FA's programme of activities to combat unacceptable behaviour in our game at every level.


The programme will be implemented in professional and grassroots football, and
encompasses not only respect towards match officials, but also the conduct of
overly-competitive coaches and parents on the sidelines at grassroots youth games.

Please remember that Respect is a programme, not a campaign. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

Changing a culture is about long-term commitment to change negative attitudes and abusive behaviour. It needs all of us working together to make a real difference.

Everyone in football has a duty of care towards children - ensuring they are
able to play football in a safe, enjoyable environment free of abuse, bullying
and discrimination.


More Information can be found on:


Don't just be a Parent become a FA Soccer Parent :

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